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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Why Onesies are the Best Things since Sliced Bread

Back in the 1800s, when I was a teenager, my mother would watch me leave to go out with my friends her face riddled with disappointment and disapproval.

“Why do you go out all dressed up in a lovely outfit wearing rubber flip flops and not bothering to dry your hair?” she would despair.

“It’s dry at the front!” I’d retort.

For some reason I would blow dry my fringe but not bother about the long strands of sopping wet hair trailing down my back.

Have I lectured my own teenage daughter about her style choices over the last couple of years?

Well… I have had a few words to say about shorty-shorts such as these silly things with the pockets hanging out (not to mention bum cheeks).

“Boys like a bit of mystery Lulu,” I snap, channelling my mother, “They don’t want to see what you had for breakfast!”

None of my four boys adopted the “pull your bloody pants up, idiot” style that has hubby Scotto spitting chips every time he espies one sauntering down the street.

I guess it’s a clear-cut sign of getting old when you fail to understand current teenage trends… like the "

These have been on the overseas market since last year but have only taken off in the back woods of North Queensland a few months ago (as far as I’m aware anyway). I can almost hear the banjos playing.

Surely this is a singularly teenage phenomenon. Personally, if I take a trip to the supermarket I will be very disenchanted to see a grown man dressed up like a baby pushing a shopping trolley.

Lulu and her friends went to the school rave on Friday night dressed in their Onesies. 

“Why aren’t you wearing the animal types?” I queried, displaying a broadmindedness and awareness of fashion pop-culture I hoped would impress the sisterhood.

“The animal Onesies cost eighty-five dollars each, Pinky! These are from Target!”

As those gorgeous girls left for the rave (whatever that is) my only thoughts were that at least all their boobs and bums were covered and they wouldn’t get a chill.

 Seriously, how beautiful are these girls? They have 4 months left of school before they are unleashed on the world!