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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Pinky says- Mothers! Make friends with your son's girlfriend!


Feeling a bit full of pride today, a bit chuffed you might say! Two of my boys are the reason for this self-satisfaction.

Last Wednesday evening Hagar stumbled out of his bedroom brandishing a tie and shirt in the air.

“Hey Scotto,” he called out, “does this tie go with this shirt?”

Scotto gave him the A okay sign and he had just about withdrawn back into his den of ill-repute, when I snapped out of my blog-writing abstraction and intercepted him.

“Where are you going that requires one to wear a tie?” I royally needled him.

“Awww… just an apprenticeship board dinner,” he answered evasively.

“Why are you going to that?” I persisted. “… have you won an award or something, Hagar?”

“Yeah Mum,” he mumbled discreetly, “I’ve been nominated for  a First Year Electrical Apprentice of the Year award.”

After a bit more motherly badgering a typically uncommunicative Hagar finally came clean and informed us that the formal dinner presentation was on Friday night (in two days) and he was one of four nominees out of 300 apprentices. It goes without saying that Pinky was not on the invitation list. I’m counting myself lucky I even found out about it.

The mind-boggling news is that I think I may have a new and clandestine ally in my continual struggle to glean any information from Hagar. 

His adorable girlfriend Meggles, accompanied Hagar to the dinner and without any prompting from Pinky, snapped a photograph of the elusive gentleman accepting his medal and sent it to me via her phone.

                             Hagar second from left!

Yay for girlfriends! We mothers really have to be grateful for the small things when our boys grow up.

Who’s the other boy I’m so proud of on this beautiful Queen’s birthday weekend?

This little guy…

Pablo Escobark, who went for his first walkies along the Strand today. Pablo took to strutting around on a lead very quickly and I would have expected nothing less from the smartest Chihuahua in the Universe.

Poem for Pablo (El Perro) 

(To be read in a Mexican accent)

Andale epa! We are een the car!

Where are we goeeeng? I hope eet’s not far!

Please don’t say eet’s back to the vet!

I theenk I break out een a cold sweat

The smell of that Vet's ees one theeng I hate…

Plus when he pokes sometheeng een my date.

What’s that I smell? Eet smells like the feesh

The stupid cat sometimes leaves in eets dish.

Eh sweet Holmes! I theenk it’s the beach!

My mummee is holdeeeng one lead each

For me and my seester to go for a walk!

What’s that een the sky? It looks like a hawk…

I theenk I’d better stay close to my mummee

That hawk is theenking that Pablo looks yummee.

I better stay nice and close to her feet

Or that hawk will swoop down for eet’s lunch meat.

Why ees my mommy lyeeng on the ground?

Why she say Pablo go back to the pound?

I deedn’t mean to trip my mummee up

Eet’s not my fault I ees just a chico pup.

PS: Happy birthday Queen Elizabeth II and thanks for the day off! Have a cracker party and don't do anything I wouldn't do.