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Saturday, June 1, 2013

What to do when you run out of ideas for your blog posts.

                                             (L-R) Sam, Sinead, Greigor, Uncle Pedro, Thaddeus, Scotto.

Sometimes it’s a bit hard to think of what to write about every single day. Whilst messaging my friend Sinead, on Facebook this morning I decided to exploit her witty, razor-sharp intellect for some inspiration.

Pinky: What can I write my post about this morning. Give me an idea?

Sinead: Don't tell me you've run out of things to name and shame the children, dogs, husbands, relatives, friends and co-workers about?

....Must be time to adopt an eastern European orphan to add fodder to the blog mill.

I'm a middle aged, childless, pet free life isn't funny...but it's peaceful

Pinky: I write about other stuff, not just bagging people out. Like… lists. What can I write a list about? Come on girl! Throw me a fricken bone!

Sinead: Aggro blogger!

So now my sister Sam, Uncle Pedro, Sinead, Greigor and Thaddeus are all here for lunch and we are work shopping inspiring ideas for life changing activities Pinky could partake of, to inspire blog posts on subjects other than “adopting orphans from war torn countries”.

Here’s what the collective came up with…

“If you were audited you might have something to write about.” Very lame stupid suggestion from my sister Sam possibly motivated from her real life experience.

“Clone yourself?” came the really stupid comment from Greigor.

“Clone Eastern European orphans?” extra stupid comment from Greigor.

“Is this funny?” asked Pinky in a mystified and confused state reading it out loud to the bawdy entourage.

“What's this about Eastern European authors?” asked the distant and ‘special’ Uncle Pedro who had been drifting in and out of his own private Idaho.

“No,” sighed an exasperated Pinky, “Forget about a life-changing experience, I need a subject to write a list about. Can you manage that?

Manscaping?” suggested gay Greigor.

Can I write that you lisped that?” I asked him.

That’s stereotyping!” he screeched dramatically, “Won’t you offend people with speech impediments?” he frantically jazz handed.

Fun things to do with dog hair?” Sam remarked nebulously as she gazed around our back patio.

What do you want a list of?” interjected Uncle Pedro.

“Why Matt Damon is so hot!” added Greigor.

Can I migrate to an Eastern European country to get away from this bullsh#t?” said Uncle Pedro reaching for his Rum and Coke.

Name three Eastern European countries Uncle Pedro?” demanded Sinead snidely.

Romania!” came the chorus of Beer Quiz Trivia veterans.

Who are the five Catholic Prime Ministers of Australia? That’d be a good list!” asked renounced Irish Catholic Uncle Pedro.

Fiddlee-dee potatoes!” quipped Sinead in a mildly Scottish/ Irish accent.

Paul Keating, James Scullin, Ben Chifley, Andrew Lyons?” interjected a belated Thaddeus.

Right that’s it!” murmured a defeated and drained Pinky.

"You’re all a mob of useless gits. I’m going to get the party pies out of the oven".

PS: It's Emmsie's birthday today! Happy birthday dear friend!

                                                     Kyles, Emmsie, Tans(at back), Shazza, Pinky!