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Monday, June 24, 2013

"Winter is coming!" and Pinky is frightened!

                  "Winter is coming!" Pablo Lannister.
                         (Game of Thrones)

It’s 9:00 am and I’m running away from home in eight hours. There is sooo much to do in that time.

That’s why I’m on my laptop looking at adorable pictures of dogs on Facebook.

I have to pack, go shopping for frozen supplies to nourish those unfortunates left behind, wash my hair, and recharge my phone, laptop and Kindle etc.

I loaded three books onto my Kindle yesterday, “Blogging for Dummies”, Bill Bryson’s “Down Under” and a book called “The Power of Habit” which examines… habits.

I’m a bit worried about a few things regarding this mini-holiday.

Firstly, I’m worried that I won’t know how to check in at the airport, (Scotto always does it for me) or find and catch the train from the airport (I usually just blindly follow Scotto around like a backward child). 

How have I come to be this useless, dependant creature that relies on her husband to read a simple timetable? What if I get mugged on the train? (Note to self: pack school whistle.)

Secondly, I’m worried that I’ll spend the entire week arguing with my parents. Dad doesn’t approve of my blog so I will have to hide in the bedroom and write my daily post like a teenage girl writing in her secretive and explicit diary. (Dad thinks hackers will sift through the titbits of information on my blog, steal my identity and scandalise my life by exposing the highly controversial material I provocatively write, as well as invade my bank accounts and steal my millions.)

Mum doesn’t approve of a lot of things, including my hair.

“Why have you grown your fringe out, Pinky? Your forehead is way too big! You need to cover it up!”

Thirdly, I'm worried about getting too cold. I'm a tropical girl. I have no winter clothes and I'm too cheap to buy any.

Finally, I’m worried about missing my baby chihuahua, Pablo. I wish I could stuff him in my suitcase.

What if he forgets about me and bonds with Scotto in my absence?

Now, I dearly hope I am able to access the Internet through Dad’s wireless system… if he has it connected that is.
If not… I’m afraid you won’t hear from me for a week. 

Fingers crossed for whichever scenario you prefer. XXX