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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Pinky, Scotto and Don Draper


I just heard on the telly (so it must be true) that a study in the US has revealed couples who meet on the Internet are happier and more likely to stay together than couples who meet via other circumstances. Go internet dating!

As you are aware, read…The Unpossible (if you want to partake in a truly despicable tale), that’s precisely how Scotto and I happened to fall into connubial bliss. When we first connected online we played games with each other over a couple of months, whilst long distance emailing. I would post a line from one of my favourite movies and Scotto’d have to guess which movie it came from. It was my turn the next night to do the guessing. 

Luckily for me I had a movie buff, video store owning buddy in the persona of Sinead to source my answers from. Cheat… I know. Of course I could have googled the lines but that never occurred to me.After Scotto and I met in real life, it was still a few months until Scotto transferred up here so we entertained each other with badly written poetry. We wrote a poem taking it in turns to write one verse at a time. It finally ended up being about eighty verses long… I kid you not. We still have the epic poem and every now and then we drag it out for a laugh.

Nowadays we titillate  ourselves with silly things like watching the “Bear in the Big Blue House” with the sound turned down and eighties music in the background. It’s hilarious because all the cute furry puppets end up singing in time with the music and it looks hysterical. Try it before you knock it, and no… we don’t smoke drugs.

Lately, we’ve been amusing ourselves by making a very ludicrous video (inspired by Mad Men, Kath and Kim, Chris Lilley and other such people with far more talent than us).

 We sincerely hope it will be ready for your perusal and critique tomorrow eve so please stay tuned for tomorrow night’s gala première.

Don Draper