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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

B is for Bunnies: What the heck do they have to do with Easter?

A to Z Challenge: B

Have you wondered what’s really going on in a ten year old’s mind? I do... all the time when I stare back at twenty-six pairs of the sparkling eyes of my class, gazing at me in a seemingly focussed manner.

“Oh no! Here she goes again with one of her booooooring stories,” is most probably what they’re thinking. I do attempt to break up my monotonous drone by asking thought provoking questions though.

Take today for example…

We’d just finished making our cute little Easter Bunny baskets and as part of our curriculum were learning about the real Easter Story. You know… the one about J.C. and his journey to the cross.

We’d watched a lightweight animated version of the Easter Story on Youtube (nothing too grisly) and I paused it and turned the classroom lights on.

“So, can anyone tell me what bunnies and chocolate eggs have to do with the real Easter story of Jesus?” I asked and waited as they sat in meditative silence. At least I think it was meditative but they could very well have been thinking about what was going to go down at soccer training in the afternoon.

One cautious hand rose slowly into the air.

“Um… the cross Jesus carried was brown and so is chocolate?” suggested the faltering little voice.

“That’s true,” I acknowledged, “But that’s not the connection…anyone else have any ideas?”

A second timid hand went up.

“Was it because Jesus didn't like the taste of real eggs so he made everyone eat chocolate ones?”

‘Not unless Jesus had been on a holiday to South America, developed a taste for it and brought it back duty free,’ I thought to myself.

“Forget about the chocolate for a minute and think about the eggs and bunnies,” I persisted optimistically.

“People used to hunt rabbits where Jesus lived!” hollered someone at the back.

In my mind’s eye I pictured an olive grove in ancient Israel riddled with rabbits. Did they even have bunnies in Israel two thousand years ago?

“Jesus had a pet rabbit and he loved chocolate!” called another.

“Look,” I said, beginning to feel a little uneasy as to how this was playing out, “Stop thinking about the chocolate. Think about what a baby bunny and an egg might symbolise.”

A huge triumphant smile spread across the face of one wise little boy who actually knew what symbolise meant. ‘Success at last,’ I thought gleefully.

“The Easter Bunny is Jesus and the eggs are the despicables!”

“It’s actually disciples Cedric, not despicables,” I corrected, feeling a tad thwarted. “And even though that’s a great answer it’s not what I was thinking of.”

“Baby bunnies, little chicks… newly hatched eggs… what do they all have in common?” I pleaded like a drowning rat in cement-filled boots.

“I know what it all means Mrs Poinker!” declared my timely redeemer with the thrill of discovery in her voice.

“Yes? Yes what do you think it all means Velveteen?” 
I quavered in excitement.

“It was Easter time on the day Jesus died!”

At that point I gave up and explained the whole "New Life" concept which they all seemed to take in and ponder over... except for one bright little girl.

"So Mrs Poinker," she quizzed me. "What do the One Direction Easter Eggs have to do with it?"