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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Y- is for Yam Stick

A Yam Stick is a sharp pointy stick commonly used by Indigenous Australians to dig out yams and other roots. Which is very interesting because I always thought yams grew on trees, like potatoes.

A Yam Stick may also be used to pick out dog poo from the tread in your joggers and pick up your teenage boy's jocks from the floor of his bedroom.

If you burn one end of the Yam Stick you can poke it in your eye when you aren't satisfied with;

# coming second in something

# coming third in something

# having been given an honorary mention in something

# winning $17 in the $13 million Lotto draw

If you’re thinking Pinky has come to the end of her creative tether in the A to Z April Challenge... you’d be right.

I nearly didn’t post tonight but I thought, rather than re-enact the story of my life (apart from an excellent cross stitch I completed twenty years ago), I might actually keep going.

I promise tomorrow night’s Z post will be better.