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Monday, April 28, 2014

X- is for X Rated Pinky!

Pinky's Bodice-Ripper

It was early morning and golden rays of sunlight streamed through the dusty blinds reflecting in a dazzling rainbow along the wall. Pinky bit her plump, ripe, lower lip in deep concentration as her laptop delicately balanced on the silken skin of her knees. 

A diamond bead of perspiration, left over from her last hot flush, wobbled on the cupid’s bow of Pinky's sensual upper lip, threatening to splash down onto her keyboard.

“I’m so hot!” the sultry temptress murmured, elongating her slender ankle and kicking the satin bedclothes away with a soft sigh.

Scotto lay beside her, his musky scent of manhood pervading the bed sheets.“Awweuu…” he groaned with a deep rasping tone. “You’ve slashed my bloody shin with your toenail, Pinky. How long is it since you cut your toenails?”

“Since forever,” smiled the mischievous Pinky, raising her small chin in a trademark gesture of defiance.

“It’s bleeding, you made me BLEED!” scolded Scotto, raising a masculine brow. “For the love of God, Pinky, are there any Bandaids up here in the boudoir?” he pleaded huskily.

“No… but there might be a few downstairs,” the tiny minx retorted playfully, licking her lower lip in coquettish mirth.

“Could you come down and help me find a bandaid?” Scotto leaned towards Pinky, his long lashes blinking lasciviously, speaking in a anguished, desperate tone.

“Nope, sorry, I can't,” Pinky replied, adding a saucy wink. “I’m busy. Sorry.”

“Busy doing what? Surely you can get off the Internet for five minutes to help me look for a bandaid?” Scotto scowled, his puppy dog eyes darkened as a menacing storm brewed in his black irises.

“Nope. I’m in the middle of scrolling my Facebook feed! I couldn’t possibly help you… 'No' means 'no' Scotto...” Pinky trailed off, her finger tenderly but teasingly tracing across her mouse pad, her eyes rivetted to the screen.

“That’s enough, you taunting wench!” Scotto cried out as he sprang from the bed, luxurious black ringlets swirling around his chiseled jaw. 

In three vigorous strides, he reached the modem and jerked it violently from the socket. His long robust flanks glistened in the …. glistening light, and he turned to the mocking enchantress lying prone and susceptible among the glossy sheets.

As sleek as a black panther stalking its prey, he moved lustfully towards the bed.

“I command you woman! Move! I’ll carry you down if you won’t come of your own accord,” Scotto breathed heavily, his top lip curling in arrogant derision.

His gleaming torso bent down towards the bed and, tensing the beefy powerful muscles in his shoulders scooped the porcelain princess from her bed, ignoring her breathy, desperate protestations. 

Suddenly he froze, rooted to the spot on which he stood and gave a swift, sharp cry.

“My back! It’s my compressed disc!” he moaned in agony. “I can’t move, Pinky.”

As his rippling biceps seized, he dropped the writhing, sweaty Pinky like a hot potato to the floor.

He lurched forward on to the bed and fell into the billowing bedclothes, his massive trunk shuddering in relief.

“That’ll teach you to shut off my Internet you brute!” the feisty she-cat spat at him. “No man will ever tame me. Ever! And don’t you forget it!”