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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

G is for Getting Pinky to Stay Awake

 Pablo the Chihuahua and his older sister Celine the Mini-Foxy, hate it when Pinky has a Nana Nap in the school holidays.

It interferes with their interaction time.

     Oh no! Pinky's not getting ready for another nap is                 she? What? Is it every bloody day then?

I'm telling you Pinky! Too many naps aren't good for your health. It's just a blood sugar drop after lunch that's making you tired. Stop being an old woman Pinky.

   Come on Pinky! You need to go out and get some fresh air                         and sunshine! I'm begging you.

    How about you throw my dinosaur toy for me? That's fun!

Excuse me Pablo but I think that's MY dinosaur toy thank you                                         very much.

Look! Here's your bag Pinky. Why don't you go for a drive to                       the shops? You could buy something nice!

Or you could read some magazines! Look! It's the Women's                                  Weekly... your favourite!

   It's no good Pablo... she's got that sleepy look about her.                                           We're in for a session.

        Might as well just lay down and wait it out. Sooo boooring!


         You're right Celine. I think Pinky's starting to snore.

                         She's out like a light. Silly old bat.

I'll just lay on her stomach so if she wakes up I'll be the first to                                            know.

              Think I might catch a few Zs myself actually.