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Saturday, April 19, 2014

P- is for Perfect Afternoon

A to Z April Challenge

I knew I’d love him when he sent these ahead of our luncheon date on Good Friday. That is class as far as I’m concerned.

Scotto picked him up from his accommodation and I’d just finished scrubbing and spraying the downstairs loo when I heard the car pull up outside.

Within moments of walking in the front door he was demonstrating the five Tibetan Energy Rejuvenation Rites in his self-proclaimed “Lesbian Thongs” (Homypeds) on our back patio.

“It’s helped me to stand taller and suck my gut in,” he enthused. “You guys HAVE to try it.”

“What gut?” I commented drily, scrutinising the slender frame of the man.

“This one!” he replied, sticking his (small) tummy out and arching his back exaggerating the modicum of a ‘gut’.

Scotto and I have tons of gay friends, male and female. 

I love each of them for their mocking, ironic and hilarious humour, superb taste, appreciation of showbiz awards ceremonies, tiaras, neatness, generosity, admirable knowledge of ‘all things outrageous’ and above all their honesty.

But one thing I don’t get is the adoration of a certain ‘Singing Budgie’.

So after a few snorts of effervescent bubbly, Pinky daringly posed the question to her captive luncheon guest.

“What is it you gays see in Kylie Minogue? Why do you all carry on about her all the time?”

I have asked this question of another friend Greigor, who failed to provide me with an adequate answer other than shrieking, “Oh you know Pinky… she’s KYLIE!”

But Mark wasn’t any more helpful really other than to mumble something about her being an underdog having started out on Neighbours or something. 

They don’t like giving away their secrets these gay boys.

I did glean some disturbing information though and it wasn’t about Mark.

“I did the Kylie Quiz on Facebook,” Mark volunteered. “I was the Stock, Aitken and Waterman Kylie!”

There was a moment's pause as I digested the information there was such a quiz.

“I was the Alternate Kylie!” broke in my manly man husband Scotto with great enthusiasm.

And the crickets chirruped.

                                Best company ever!!!!