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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

N- is for Not Another Stupid Quiz!

                                                      Photoshopping by Scotto

A to Z April Challenge

See that photo up top? 

According to Facebook that image is what epitomises Pinky Poinker. 

 I used that intriguing new app on Facebook which scans your photos to discover which celebrity you resemble. Naturally I was titillated with excitement when it popped up in my feed and was compelled (due to a mixture of vanity and curiosity) to give it a go and I was matched with the gorgeous Jessica Alba.
It’s an uncanny resemblance really (cough).

Perhaps if you shaved thirty years off, left me on a sunbed for a few days, and allowed a plastic surgeon to dig around with a scalpel and silicone-filled syringe for a few months… there’s the small possibility a short sighted Jessica fan might corner me in the IGA and demand an autograph.

According to Facebook, if I was a Muppet I’d be Kermit.

And according to the complimentary Facebook team I have the same intestinal fortitude and character traits of Daenerys Targaryen. 

And according to another quiz on FB my defining colour is... pink (surprise, surprise).

Are you like me? Do you waste valuable time completing inane quizzes in order to glean insightful info? 

Engaging in rubbish like "Which Friends/Downton Abbey/Famous Food Chain Are You ?" when you should be doing something more productive like… well anything really.

There’s even a quiz for which element you are on the Periodic table. How bloody ridiculous is that? I’m Helium by the way.

Now, I happen to know most people cheat on these little quiz things anyway. 

Most punters are already aware of what character from whichever show/category it is they want to be… so they second guess and answer the questions accordingly.

Are you one of those people? I dare you to try my mystery quiz. I’m not revealing the possible outcome until the end!
Go ahead… and be honest, don’t peek!

Remember to keep a tally of what letters you choose the most.

Presenting Pinky’s, 
“Which famous (something) am I ?" quiz.

1. Your feel most at home in…

A. Nightclubs

B. Caves

C. Lush Cultivated Gardens

D. Forests and Parklands

E. Tunnels.

2. Your taste in attire includes…

A. A push up bra

B. As little as possible

C. A nice fitted jacket

D. A flower in your hair

E. A stylish waistcoat

3. Your best friends…

A. Are a bit on the shady side

B. I don’t have any friends

C. Get me into trouble all the time

D. Have need of my support

E. Are a bit crazy

4. Your favourite meal would be...

A. Anything from a cocktail platter

B. Steak Tartare

C. Organic Salads

D. Nuts and berries and other healthy fare

E. Tea, cupcakes and crumpets

5. When faced with adversity you’re more likely to…

A. Get blind drunk to blot out your problems

B. Attack your problems head on with determined ferocity

C. Attempt to run away from your problems but inevitably become trapped

D. Put on a brave front but in reality be trembling in your boots

E. Make yourself elusive to avoid trouble at all costs

6. Your friends would probably describe you as…

A. Flirtatious

B. Moody

C. Adventurous

D. Humorous

E. Unreliable

7. What's your favourite movie…

A. The Devil Wears Prada

B. Silence of the Lambs

C. Rabbit Proof Fence

D. The Deer Hunter

E. Sliding Doors

8. Favourite song...

A. Love is the Drug by Bryan Ferry

B. Psycho Killer by Talking Heads

C. An English Country Garden by Jimmy Rodgers

D. I Get Knocked Down by Chumbawamba

E. Rushing by Moby

Okay… the big reveal. This is will perhaps change your entire perspective on your life. Or not.

You have just completed a quiz to find out what famous rabbit you are.

Mostly As

                                    Jessica Rabbit

Image Credit

Mostly Bs

                   The killer rabbit from Monty Python and the Holy Grail

Mostly Cs

                                        Peter Rabbit

Image Credit

Mostly Ds

Image Credit
                                  Thumper from Bambi

Mostly Es

Image Credit

                               The rabbit from Alice in Wonderland

Hope a certain rabbit stops by your place in a few days!
Which rabbit are you?