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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Q- is for Quagmire of Deceit

A to Z April Challenge

Today,Taronga Zoo is presenting bonny Prince George with his very own bilby. So cute and fitting on an Aussie Easter Sunday don’t you agree?

Although, I've been thinking about it and I feel there are a few worrying aspects to be considered.

Firstly, Prince George is only eight months old and since the average life span for the bilby is only six years, who’s going to break the sad news to the devastated six and a half year old Prince George his rare and endangered Antipodean pet is dead, stiff and unresponsive? 

Or will they just tell him it's gone to live at a farm?

Perhaps they'll just keep replacing the bilby with younger versions and hoodwink the young royal much the same way I did when I replaced a Japanese fighting fish over and over many years ago?

But what concerns me is when Prince George becomes a teenager and works out what’s been happening for all those years.

It will suddenly dawn on him that the whole world has been laughing behind his back.

He might get angry. Very, very angry...