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Monday, September 16, 2013

Pinky and her Hallux Valgus

“You need to get that bunion of yours looked at Pinky!” observed Scotto last night. “It looks like you’re growing an extra toe.”

"What? Paul? Paul Bunion?" I queried in puzzlement.

Hmmm… it is growing I agreed when I looked at it closely. I almost need a size larger shoe on my right foot to accommodate the behemoth. 

In actual fact, it's getting to be humongous! 

In fact, it's becoming unbelievably big!

It's so big it almost needs its own postcode.

It's so big it needs its own lawyer. 

It's so big people apologise to it when they bump into it.

It’s so big it shows up on Google Earth! 

It’s so big I’m thinking of having it Christened. 

It’s so big airport security have to x-ray it to make sure I’m not stashing 3kg of hashish.

It’s so big my socks have stretch marks.

It’s so big it has its own shadow.

It’s so big it has its own birthday party.

It's so big I think its first tooth is about to come through.

It’s so
 big, when I rest my feet on the coffee table Scotto can’t see the TV.

It’s so big this picture took an hour to download.

It’s so big... I feel like it needs to be breastfed!
(Sorry about that one.)Yeah… it’s soooooo big I’d better see someone about it.