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Friday, September 6, 2013

Pinky’s Wonderful Land of Nursery Rhymes

Pinky Poinker walked down the hall,

Pinky Poinker had a great fall.

All the dogs play toys, and all the kids shoes

Inflicted on Pinky a dirty big bruise.

Pinky had a little lamb

She put it on to cook.

When Pinky went to write her blog,

She forgot to go and look.

The lamb was burned and singed a bit.

It was a damn right shame.

Which only goes to prove the point

That Pinky’s cooking’s lame.

Pinky, Pinky likes her drinky,

But how does her garden grow?

The plants are dead, in the garden bed

With noxious weeds all in a row.

Baa Baa Black Dog

Why you lose your hair?

One bag, two bags you’re like a moulting bear.

Underneath the table, underneath the chair.

Floating in the swimming pool

And underneath the stair.

Twinkle, Twinkle formal gown,

Please, dear Lord, don’t let me down.

Elusive diamond in the sky

It’s hard to find the perfect buy.

Twinkle, twinkle formal dress

The quest begins and so the stress.

Hark! Hark!

The dogs do bark,

The council’s coming by.

Some with letters

And some complaints

And one with a great, big fine.

Little Pinky Poinker

Sat in a corner

Drinking her dry white wine.

She gave a small sigh

As she pulled out a fly

And said, “I can still drink it, it’s fine.”

Incy Wincy spider

Climbed up the water spout.

Out came Pinky’s Baygon

And knocked the spider out.

Then Pinky flushed it down the insinkerator and chopped the hairy b#stard into a squillion pieces…