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Saturday, September 7, 2013

How to be Unpopular in the Voting World


“Do we really HAVE to go?” I entreated Scotto this morning.

“Yes Pinky, you get a fine if you don’t vote, now get off the Twitter machine and go for a shower!”

So off we went to the school around the corner to cast our ballot papers with still NO idea which despots we’d actually vote for.

Who should we see outside the school gates but Sue the Librarian! If ANYONE should know who to vote for it’s a librarian… right?

“I’m not telling you who I voted for Pinky, that’s why they call it a secret ballot… and that photo better not be going on your silly blog!” she warned.

As we walked through the gates we were besieged with party representatives smiling, laughing and thrusting propaganda material into our hands. We felt like Justin Bieber walking the red carpet with rabid fans wantonly shoving autograph books in his face and slobbering all over him like sycophants. We felt... loved!

The voting rooms were chockablock full of nervous, wild eyed punters but luckily we knew the head bouncer, Julie, who let us cut in line. 

We told her we were “On the List” and apparently it turned out we were on the list! Who knew?

I looked for my favourite party on the ballot sheet but couldn’t find it… the Christmas Party!

Scotto looked confused and wanted to phone a friend.

Voting successfully completed, we walked through the gates again BUT this time the party spruikers SHUNNED us! Didn’t even give us a second look!

We couldn’t believe it! We thought they loved us. We were just old news to them, like a piece of gum discarded from the bottom of their shoes.


It was thirsty work voting so on the way home we thought we’d treat ourselves to something noice.

See you tomorrow when who knows who’ll be running the country!