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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Pinky Poinker feat. Miley

I lay in bed on Saturday morning,

Drinking my coffee, stifling my yawning,

Nothing on telly except football crap

And some blonde girl reading a weather map.

“Change the channel at once” did Pinky decree.

So Scotto changed it over to MTV.

But then Pinky could not believe her eyes

It was Hannah Montanna dressed in disguise

Her hair was cut short, she was almost nude

Her behaviour was quite decidedly lewd.

Licking a hammer, twerking her ass

If Pinky sat that way it'd bring on gas!

“What’s happened to Hannah?” Pinky shrieked in shock.

“She’s caressing that hammer like she’s caressing a …”

Could she be any cruder, what is she thinking?

I’ll bet poor Billy-Ray’s heart is sinking.

His achey-breaky heart must be all but shattered

His daughter’s ill-repute completely splattered

All over the tabloids and Twitter sphere

OMG! Is she prepping for a cervical smear ??

Is she trying to shock us by flouting the rules

And having sex with some carpenter’s tools?”

Poor little Hannah’s been lost in the fame

And now Miley acts like she’s on the game.

Such a shame to see such appalling behaviour

And with many, it seems, she’s fallen from favour

But at least we still have pure Taylor Swift

Who’s nicely presented like a well-wrapped gift

She doesn’t need feign fellatio

While Miley now has nowhere to go

You’ll never see Taylor buck naked I hope

Or swinging round nude on a piece of rope.

She relies on her talent, but one thing is totes…

I’d advise her to watch out for screaming goats.


The objectification of girls is disgusting

With their cleavages out and their crutches thrusting.

I’m sick to death and people oughta

Start realising it could be their own sweet daughter!

Taylor Swift: Screaming goat version :)