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Sunday, September 1, 2013

What the EPH-emera??

As it's Father's day today, Scotto and I hit the Strand for a Maccas lunch with the two babies of the family, Celine the Mini-Foxy and Pablo the Chihuahua!

It's hard living in paradise!

Even though it's the first day of Spring and not yet stinger season I still wouldn't risk a swim!

So we decided to go for a walk instead!
We soon realised the arts community had quite a number of sculpture installments set up along the Strand for the general public to admire.

The exhibition, titled an "Ephemera" (which apparently means items of no lasting significance) perplexed the unrefined and philistine Pinky, greatly.
What could these strange pieces of art possibly signify and  what purpose do they serve?

Tissue paper stuffed with cotton wool sea anemones?
I suppose they'd make nice table centre-pieces...

Now these would be very handy to hang up on the back patio to scare away the Mynah birds that keep pooping everywhere...

I quite fancy these as clothes drying racks. Maybe I should send Scotto down to the river for some sticks. A lick of blue paint from Bunnings and we'd be set!

Someone appears to have smashed a vase and chucked the shards all over the grass! It's all fun and games until someone cuts their foot!

Now this is taking the concept of open-air living to the extreme!

That reminds me... I must take the washing off the line when I get home...

I think someone's been to Myers and nicked a few of their cardboard displays!

Aesthetically pleasing, but it wouldn't fit into our dining room.

You know... I think I could be an artist!

Now this chicken-wire crocodile is very clever AND it would serve as an excellent cat run!

This is my favourite! And very functional... no..wait...

Finally, Pablo became bored and asked if we could please go home.

I know, I know... 
'Go crawl back into your uncultured hole, Pinky!'