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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Pinky and Lulu's Magical Quest!

The Quest for the Perfect School Formal Dress

                          Lulu chowing down at the food court.

“This is going to drain my bank account big time!” I lectured Lulu on the way to the shops. “It might pay you to be a bit nicer to me, you know!”

“Whaddya mean?” she murmured tetchily, whilst furiously texting on her phone.

“I mean, like, speak to me without a certain tone, like, you know, like…” I tried adopting the teenage vernacular.

The first boutique we tried was closed. It is Sunday after all.

“Let’s try Fashion Scammers- ripping people off for over twenty years!.* Lulu suggested.

“I really don’t want to go back there, Lulu.” I’d had a small altercation with the management seven years ago when they refused to give me a refund on a hideous yellow dress I’d changed my mind about. 

“They hate me in there!”

“Mum! They wouldn’t remember you after all this time. Don’t be stupid… but wear your sunglasses in case,” she added thoughtfully.

I attempted to lay low as Lulu sifted through the gorgeous, exquisite gowns on the rack.

“This one looks alright,” she held up a frock to die for. And die is what I almost did when I peered at the price tag.

I felt the sudden urge to sneeze… “Aaaatchoo!!”

I was holding a gilded gown in each hand and not wanting to snot all over them had turned my head towards Lulu.

“Mum! That went ALL OVER me! You’re DISGUSTING!” she shrieked, commanding the frowning attention of ‘The Manager’ who immediately hurried over to us.

“What can I do for you?” Madame queried, eyebrow arched towards the ceiling and eyeing a sniffling Pinky up and down skeptically.

“May I try this on please?” requested Lulu sweetly.

After several minutes of the muffled rustling of silk and satin, Lulu tentatively stepped out of the dressing room.

“Crap!" I thought. "She looks absolutely stunning! I’d pay ANYTHING to make my adorable princess happy!”

So I handed over my life savings to the delighted (and possibly amnesic) manager and took home the very first dress Lulu had tried on.

You know what it’s like girls… when it’s the right one, you just KNOW straight away.

I can’t show you a picture because it will spoil the surprise but here’s a teaser.

                                 Think, Cinderella!
“I hope you really like it, Lulu,” I began, “Because you won’t…”

“I KNOW Mum… I won’t get a refund!”

* Not the real name of the store.