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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Pinky's Dirty Little Secret

                                       Pablo is a bit unsure of his new grunty pig toy.

I sleep with dogs. 

And I don’t mean Scotto… although… he does dribble all over his pillow. No, wait… that’s me.

That’s disgusting, Pinky! I hear you shouting whilst vowing not to sit beside me in the staffroom anymore.

Well I can tell you, there are plenty of reasons it IS okay to let your furry friends into your bed.

# Some celebrities sleep with their pets; Alicia Silverstone, Elizabeth Hurley and Will Ferrell for starters and if rich famous people do it then it must be okay right?

# You are never lonely. Celine, the mini fox terrier, sleeps at my feet but Pablo, the demonstrative Chihuahua, prefers to spoon the back of my head all night.

# No need for an alarm clock. Every morning, six-twenty sharp, Pablo stretches luxuriously, wakening his sister with a nudge. They both simultaneously shake their bodies vigorously causing two sets of ears to flap with a sound approaching two miniature helicopters coming in to land.

Every work morning I’m the first up and the two newly reinvigorated dogs stare at me patiently through the frosted glass while I shower. 

Later, as I sip my first coffee of the day, they tear around and around the kitchen chasing each other, nipping and barking excitedly. Occasionally, Pablo goes that one nibble too far and Celine shrieks in outrage in a Nathan Lane-esque manner disturbing the still slumbering members of the family upstairs.

Up we go again to the bedroom to take Scotto his coffee, scuttling and sliding on the polished wooden stairs with claws slipping out from under them in anticipation.

As soon as I open the bedroom door they both leap onto the bed, exuberantly launch themselves at Scotto’s head and slither their agile tongues up each of his nostrils.

                      Hurry the hell up Pinky! You look fine already!

Watching Pinky apply her make-up is extra exciting because after that they know there’s a milky puppy treat in store.

Begging is all part of the job description at Pinky's.

The worst part is when Pinky has to leave for work. Don’t worry Pablo… that’s how I feel about work too.