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Monday, July 22, 2013

Do Dogs Go to Heaven?

                                  Padraic and Rocky

One rainy day, when Scotto and I were in the throes of new love and we were playing the ‘telling each other everything that’s ever happened to us’ game, he mentioned to me that he’d owned a beloved Australian Terrier when he was young called Rusty. Unfortunately his parents had been forced for some reason to give it away.

“But it was okay,” Scotto assured me cheerily, “he went to live on a farm.”

“That’s weird,” I gasped, “I had a cocker spaniel called Rebel which my parents gave away to a farm as well!”

It was only later that the penny dropped and I realised Rebel and Rusty were probably frolicking around the misty fields of the exact same ‘farm’ for all eternity.

Since then I’ve heard a lot of adults say the family pet they grew up with went to 'live on a farm'. 

It’s strange. I’ve never seen any farmers advertising in the paper desperately seeking out old dogs to provide a home to.

I don’t even remember my father knowing any farmers.

I found this question (sic) on Yahoo7Answers (where I do all my investigative research).

Wat does it mean if your mum says your dog went 'to the farm'?

this is a puzzling for me, i have a dog in my hut called lassy after the famous lassy, shes a great big dog an i love her every so much, i have lover her ever since my parents both died a couple fo years ago in a freak bus crash on the interstate. anyway so now shes really like my only family cause i live with my aunt who makes me call her mum (so shes the mum in the question) an we live in rural wisconsin so its really cold and nobody at my school likes me and also i don have any shoes. anyway lassy was pretty much all i had to live for but the other day i got home from bible class and she was gone and after three days i looked in the trap i set up for her but there were just dead rats and i asked my aunt/mum and she said lassy had gone to the farm. what does this mean? does it mean our neighbors farm? in consolation we have many farms in our region maybe it cud be one of them?

Best Answer - Chosen by Voters

I think she is dead. Sorry.

Personally I think that answer is a little harsh.

Someone else on the site accused ‘Timmy’, (yes that was the name provided; just like the Timmy who owned the original Lassie) of being a troll because if he was in Wisconsin without wearing shoes he would be taken away by Child Protective Services.

I do love the Internet.

The trouble with pets is their lifespan is so much shorter than ours which entails a fair amount of heartbreak on our part. Having gone through the sorrow and grief of losing many cherished animals over the years, my sympathy goes out to my old neighbours, Newman’s Mum and Dad, on the loss of their pooch, Rocky, who has unfortunately finally ‘gone to the farm’.
I’m not sure what breed Rocky was, but he put up with a lot when our seven rug rats terrorised the neighbourhood with their wicked pranks.

He was sixteen years old. A truly marathon effort. Thaddeus rang me last night to give me the bad news and I recalled with sadness the many times Rocky would climb up the gully to our house with Newman and his little brother George. 

My kids adored Rocky and since George and Lulu are both only sixteen now they can’t remember a time without a Rocky.

If you use the old rule-of-thumb that one dog year equals seven years of a human life then Rocky was 112 years old. 

A fairly decent innings I’d say.

R.I.P. Rocky.

On a more mundane note… this is what I discovered when I came home from work this afternoon.

The couch my mother gave me has been violently demolished by Pablo the Chihuahua!

Hmmm… I wonder if Chihuahuas make good farm dogs?

                         "So... I'm in trouble... again?"

I found this beautiful site arguing that animals do have souls!
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