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Monday, July 15, 2013

Pinky and the V8 Supercars

Do you remember the Seinfeld episode when Jerry is in charge of waking up Jean-Paul, the marathon runner and he accidentally allows him to sleep in and miss the start of race?

Well I think a similar unfortunate incident may have occurred at the Poinker residence last weekend.

Our fair city hosted the V8 racing car event last weekend and all the top drivers were staying in town. Our next door neighbours are dedicated V8 followers and the husband is a sports photographer so unbeknownst to us at the time, they had Jason Bright the Holden driver staying with them for the weekend.

Evidently, in Bright’s first race he qualified in fourth place which sounds pretty decent to me, however; the following day he didn’t race quite so well slipping back to seventeenth and eventually finishing in sixteenth place.

“No rest for Brighty!” the headline on his site proclaimed and the post went on to say he was utterly exhausted stepping out of the car after seventy laps.

Why was he so exhausted? I hear you ask.

According to our neighbour, last weekend our German Shepherd, Borat, raucously barked his woolly head off outside Jason Bright’s guest bedroom all afternoon as he was resting up before the second day’s racing. Our neighbour commented that she screamed out to Borat several times to “Shut the f#ck up!” but he stubbornly sustained his non-stop barking with the dedication of an ambitious grid girl trying to get her photograph in the newspaper.

This is not good.

Our boof-head dog may be responsible for Bright’s bad run and I’m feeling a bit accountable.

Perhaps Borat was rooting for Jonathon Webb because he’s sponsored by VIP Petfood?

Who knows?
Maybe Borat is simply a Ford man, not a Holden man…

                            Borat telling Scotto to go faster!