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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Pinky's Resolutions for a Brand New School Term!

Today is the final day of the school holidays so that means back to work for Pinky (Bleeaeaeah!).

Resolutions I made at the beginning of the two week break:

#Go for a one hour power walk every single day.

#Take the big dogs (Borat and Willy) for a walk every day.

#Cut down on alcohol and food in order to lose spare tyre around midriff and preserve last remaining square centimetre of functioning liver.

#Sleep in as many days as possible.

# Read at least five good quality books.

# Write some top quality blog posts instead of the usual nonsensical drivel.

My Adidas runners are in the cane basket out the front exactly where I left them two weeks ago; Borat and Willy have both gained five kilos, I have an extra spare tyre on my mid-section, my liver is staging a coup and is planning on going into cahoots with one of my kidneys and abscond from my body on grounds of neglect, I read only three quarters of one book and I’ve written quite a lot of silly claptrap every single day of my holiday including a story about wanting to manhandle my own flesh and blood into an unmarked van and forcibly deliver them to the vet to be neutered.

But you’ll happy to know that I did indeed enjoy quite a few sleep-ins.

According to Winston Churchill, “Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.
So in keeping with that wonderful advice I’m making a few resolutions for the coming school term and since I’m actually recording it, I may be held accountable in the future.

# When I ask my colleagues how they are I will listen intently to their reply instead of annoyingly talking over them and launching into a litany of my own recent carry-ons and whinge-fests.

# I will try not to prattle on with a full mouth of my tuna salad causing people to duck and weave in avoidance of fishy spit balls because we only have 25 minutes for lunch and I have so much to talk about.

# During those tedious curriculum planning meetings I will refrain from distracting everyone by making silly jokes in my attempts to divert all the attention on to myself and delay the commencement of real work.

# I will use dulcet tones in my classroom never raising my voice above a honeyed purr even when one of my students takes the bottom lunch box from the pile in the fridge and thirty other lunch boxes cascade on to the floor for the fifth time that morning.

# I will practise my “death stare” in the mirror so that I can utilise it during incidents such as lunchbox avalanches, instead of loudly voicing my displeasure thus nurturing polyps on my vocal cords. 

And finally,

# I will patiently and uncomplainingly peruse all of my teaching buddy Rachael’s boring photos from her two week holiday in New York because she bought me the souvenir snow globe I requested.

                                  Thanks Rachy!

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