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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

A Letter to Scotto from the Dog

                           ME (Pablo) typing Dad a letter.
Dear Dad,

Mum has something to tell you and she’s scared to. Maybe this will come as a bit of a shock so prepare yourself.

I mean a really big shock!

This morning after you left for work she became a little too engrossed in her internet activities and she neglected to keep her beady eye on me. 

To be fair she assumed I was merely sunning myself on the floor beside the window. You know… right beside your side of the bed…

Please don’t get angry with her. I was very quiet and sneaky when I did it so that she would think I was sleeping… but really, I was chewing.

It’s just that sometimes I get bored waiting for Mum to take me and my sister downstairs.

I am very sorry for what I did. I know you will want to hang me on the clothesline by my transparent ears for being naughty.

 Like all dogs when they commit a crime… I truly am sorry it happened.

Maybe you shouldn’t leave things lying on the floor. Oops… I shouldn’t have said that.

I hope you don’t go too crazy when you find out what I did.

Mum doesn’t even know what it is ??… but she knows it’s broken and it’s definitely her fault, not mine. 

Please read this before you come home so you can calm down before you see me.

                                 Love, Pablo xxx