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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Ten Things That Truly Warm My Heart!

Things that truly warm my heart:

# When I panic thinking I’ve run out of wine and I’m going to have to drive up to the bloody bottle shop… and then I find a spare bottle in the pantry I’d forgotten about.

# When I’m yelling at one of my teenagers and one of the other four turncoats stick up for them and yells back at me. It’s nice to see them defending each other for a change.

# When one of my nine year old students ask me how old I am, I reply without blinking, “Twenty-one”, and they just nod acceptingly.

# When my dogs growl possessively every time the teenagers kiss me goodbye. It makes me feel especially loved.

# When I turn to the obituaries in the newspaper and I notice my name is still not on the list yet.

# When my baby Chihuahua Pablo has an ‘accident’ on the tiles instead of the carpet.

# When my sixteen year old daughter, Lulu, asks me for advice about life. Well… it will warm my heart when it eventually happens.

# When they bring out those stories in magazines about celebrities with no makeup on and showing cellulite so I have something reassuring to read when I’m waiting at the checkout.

# When I wake up and wonder how long until the alarm goes off at 6:15am then I look at the clock and it’s only 11:00pm.

# When I have an argument with Scotto and I bet him one million dollars that I’m right; and when I lose he doesn’t make me pay up.

# When it’s the end of the financial year but I don’t care because I’ve meticulously catalogued and filed every receipt over the last twelve months. (I really, really wish I had.)

And finally

# When I walk in to the kid’s toilet and I see this;

Not this;

Or this;

Not this;

Please leave a comment about what warms your heart. 
Pretty please?