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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Where in the World is Golden Boy?

Last weekend, Scotto and I ran in to our fabulous and adored friend, Greigor in the shopping centre car park. 

“You don’t usually park here, Pinky!” he shrieked remarked. “You usually park over in the back lot a hundred miles away. Is it because you don’t want Golden Boy to get a scratch?” he enquired sympathetically.

Greigor (sensitive soul that he is) understands the intimate bond I’ve developed with my garishly canary-coloured Suzuki Swift Sport over the last six months. Crikey, I even spent three years’ worth of Chardonnay on PINKY P number plates.

Scotto, on the other hand, despised with a passion the Malaysian lemon he bought around the same time as I bought Golden Boy.

Scotto’d stomp in after work, irritably slam his car keys down, and commence a vitriolic tirade about what a useless, gutless, unreliable heap of sh#t it was. 

Consequently, he sold the “b#stard mongrel” to a dealer and is flying down to the Gold Coast to take delivery of a… of a … of a … I would tell you what it is but I can’t remember even though he’s spoken of nothing else, shown me countless photos, and slept with the brochure under his pillow for the last two months.

I know it’s grey… “Burnished Metallic Grey with a Hint of Pretension” as far as I can garner from Scotto’s enraptured descriptions.

So in honour of the affectionate devotion I have to Golden Boy, I’ve exploited Scotto’s wonderful talents and we have prepared a little gallery of photographic titillation for you…

“Where in the world is Golden Boy?” 

(the inspiration for this came from Greigor).

                  Pinky returns to her Celtic heritage.

                           It was tricky driving up here!

               Mixing it up with the Incas (or was it Aztecs?)

                            Pinky Queen of the Nile

                           Pinky outta this world!

Please comment on this site and let me know where in the world YOU would like to see Golden Boy… and I don’t want to see anyone write, “The Auto Wreckers”.

Suzuki Swift