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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Pinky the Shallow Pal

                  "You'll get your snow globe when I'm good and ready!"

A couple of days ago I wrote about my excitement in taking possession of a snow globe my teaching buddy Rach had brought back from her holiday in New York for me. Read about it…here

Tasteless and vulgar to the core, it is predictable that Pinky should be the titleholder of an extensive and kitsch snow globe collection.

By yesterday afternoon I was beginning to suspect that the photo of the snow globe Rach sent me had been selected from Google Images and that she hadn’t really bought it for me at all.

“It’s in my classroom,” she replied, when I enquired after it as soon as I arrived at school yesterday.

Not wanting to seem pushy, I didn’t mention it at all for the rest of the day.

“Perhaps she’ll present it to me after I fulfil my promise to view her holiday snaps after work,” I pondered hopefully...

“You don’t have to look at these you know, Pinky,” she said when I knocked on her classroom door after school finished for the day. “I know you’re only being nice.”

“Rubbish!” I quipped cheerily. “You know I’m not nice! I’d really, really love to see them!”

So for the next half hour or so I gushed over her hundred or so slides of Times Square and Greenwich Village. I raved about the fifty odd snaps of Niagara Falls and positively extolled the photographic talent she displayed in the seventy shots of a rabid looking squirrel which Rach seemed to have taken quite a fancy to in Central Park. 

Finally the presentation was over and I sat expectantly waiting for Rach to bring out my precious snow globe. After a few minutes I realised none was forthcoming.

I walked slowly and despondently to the door.

“Pinky!” Rach called out. I turned around grinning in hope. “Do you have the right time?" she continued tauntingly, "My watch has stopped.”

So I left for the day empty-handed, but very well-informed on the frivolous antics of squirrels in New York.

Today there was still no mention of the elusive snow globe. As I sat dejectedly in my classroom this afternoon my sudden delight at seeing Rach strolling through my door, her handbag slung over her shoulder on her way home, quickly changed to frustration… her hands were empty.

“Where’s my bloody snow globe?” I blurted out impolitely, unable to wait any longer.

Rach disappeared out the door, returning in a few minutes with her arm outstretched and the coveted snow globe glittering in her palm.

I have to say it’s a bit small… nowhere near as big as the one Kyles bought me back from her holiday to Disneyland in Hong Kong last year.