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Friday, July 5, 2013

Pinky finds her Evil Twin

Once upon a time in the Land of the Long White Cloud (Kiwi-land) a young lady gave birth to a tiny, beautiful baby girl.

 On the other side of the Tasman Sea (where there flourished a much better Rugby Union team called the Wallabies) another young woman also gave birth to a tiny, beautiful baby girl on exactly the same day.

As she grew older the little Kiwi girl followed her sisters and moved to Australia where she met a handsome young man at a nightclub and decided to stay (mainly because she was sick of the way the All Blacks kept losing the Rugby and because everyone in Australia loved the way she said, “Fesh and Chups”).

Both young ladies married and had seven children between them (one of them was a bit flighty and actually married twice but we won’t go into that).

When the girls reached a certain age and their children were older, they suddenly realised they were both inclined to be domineering, bossy creatures and for this reason decided to become school teachers. For a couple of years they attended the same university… but still they never met.

Destiny, however, had other ideas and somehow they were employed by the same school principal -who was a fanatical Rugby Union man and loved the Wallabies- at the same school. 

Unfortunately, one of the girls was a bit cleverer than the other and worked at the Senior school so technically their paths rarely crossed.

One day the less-bright girl resolved to enter the world of blogging and having heard of the clever girl’s reputation for savvy with computers and literature, she contacted the clever girl for some much needed advice.

Months went by and after much cyber banter and on-line laughter, the less-bright girl thought that since they seemed to have an awful lot in common (the clever girl had made several references to a liking for the odd drop of plonk), it was imperative that they both get together and have a few wines; and what do you think happened?
When two women get together it is a mandatory requirement to determine each other’s age sooner rather than later. 

Before the night was over and after putting away more than their fair share of Chardonnay the women were finally alerted to the astonishing and unexpected fact that they were the two little girls at the beginning of the story! 
Both born on exactly the same day in the same year!

(But the less-bright girl says it was in ‘Nineteen-Sixty’ and the clever girl says it was in ‘Nineteen-Sexty’)

This is my friend Jo and I last night comparing driver’s licences after we discovered our birthdays were the same and didn’t believe each other.

If you figure that the average person lives to be 80 years old, if you assume they're distributed across all possible birthdays evenly, then if you pick one of them at random, the odds that they were born on any one particular day are one in 80 years times 365 days/year (ignoring leap years), or 1 in 29,200.

This is fun link to twenty bizarre coincidences if you're